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OA2 Hocus Pocus






I'm Heather. My registered name is Hocus Pocus since I was born near Halloween and I sort of look like I'm wearing a Halloween costume. I'm 3 years old and hope to be a mommy next year around this time. My best friend is Galaxy. She's new to the farm and I'm so glad my human's put her in my group. Up until she came I couldn't decide which group I wanted to be in. Now that she's here we romp and pronk around the pasture. She and I are both on the shy side. My humans have started walking me through the neighborhood with some of the other girls in my group. They say it's to get me used to people. When we go for walks people come running out of their house to take my picture. Cars will stop and the people inside talk to my human. Cars can be scary, but I'm getting used to them. When we get done with our walks, sometimes we go to the obstacle course and I get to jump some jumps. That's fun, especially when the humans jump with me. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021