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How To Apply

Every alpaca has their very own personality. We have listed a bio of each participating animal below. Can’t choose, we'll gladly help you select one you will enjoy!

How to apply:

1. Select the alpaca you wish to sponsor from our PacaPal Sponsorship page or e-mail us at [email protected].

2. Upon receipt of payment, your Welcome Package will be prepared and mailed to you.

3. Enjoy your alpaca!

Disclaimer: Your contribution of $50 is used toward covering the costs of daily care for your alpaca and they are non-refundable. Your payment of support does not constitute ownership of the animal but only entitles you to the above-listed benefits. The sponsorship will last for 12 months at which time you can renew for another year or pick a new alpaca. There is No transfer of ownership. All alpacas and products from the alpacas remain the property of OnAgain OffAgain Farm LLC.

 In the event that an alpaca moves to a new farm or passes away, you will be notified and offered an alternate alpaca for the remainder of your sponsorship period.  A participating alpaca may have more than one sponsor.

Monday, January 4, 2021